Sunday, May 12, 2013

“The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round, Round and Round, Round and Round…..”


On Friday, we reported that Good Professor Douhovnikoff, on behalf of Brunswick’s United Distracters and Clueless, is:

“organizing a ‘field trip’ to Augusta, apparently to impress authorities in the Capitol with the fact that unconstrained spending growth means nothing; that only state revenue is at the core of school budget problems.”

The trip is scheduled for Tuesday, May 21st.

The child-like sophistication of the group’s grasp of the realities involved, and the Bowdoin-inspired ‘critical thinking’ they display to taxpayers, reminded us of the classic children’s song “The Wheels on the Bus.”

It took just a moment to find this inspired version on YouTube, which perfectly captures the innocence of our local zealots.

Well, wouldn’t you just know it!  The group is using a publicly funded School asset to make the trip.  Here’s the blurb on the ‘invitation’ web page, posted by the Professor himself, the self-identified ‘host’ (emphasis ours, silliness his):

For several years now our municipalities and school districts have seen shrinking budgets, increased layoffs, programmatic cuts, and reduced ability to provide quality services to our most vulnerable. A major factor in this budgetary stress is the continued reduction of state funding support to our communities which has resulted in an exhaustive demand on local property tax revenue.  It is time we let Augusta know the strain our communities are experiencing. While we are not promoting any particular policy, we do believe that any solution will involve state provided relief. Join us on our field trip to Augusta where we plan to explain our dire budgetary situation to our state representatives.

We are going to Augusta because if the state doesn't act our community will be forced to:

- Once again make deep cuts (sic) classroom and educational programs

- Once again severely cut essential municipal services

- Once again dramatically increase the property tax burden on our community

We are going to Augusta because we, as the elected municipal representatives, residents, and taxpayers of Maine have an obligation to maintain essential local services, ensure a quality education for our children, and contain the property tax burden.

We will be traveling in a Brunswick school bus and our target departure time is 9 am with a likely return before 12:30.

To repeat, the trip is scheduled for Tuesday, May 21st.

We’re straining to keep our heart contained in our chest, because Professor Klingle and Sally Sellit have already signed up for the trip.

The good news is that since a publicly funded School department asset is being used to make the trip, any and all are welcome to come along.  No one can be denied passage.  Equality of access is the watchword, and we know Professor D will zealously stand up for equal treatment under the law.

If you have no idea what a ‘captive audience’ is, show up for the trip to find out.  We’re grateful to Superintendent Perzanoski and School Board Chairmyn Jim Grant for authorizing use of the public assets we’ve entrusted them with, because it means everyone can engage in ‘direct action organizing’ on the trip to and from Augusta.  Without the usual distractions and unseemly posturing of public meetings.  There’s nothing like getting face to face with someone to make your points, right?

We’ve already invited the Maine Chapters of the NRA, Tea Party Patriots, Pro-Life America, Home Schoolers United, and Defending Traditional Marriage to mobilize their staffs and membership for the ride.  Their support will make it difficult for sign-carrying gorillas and elephants to find seats for the trip, but we can always ask “Paul” and “Jim,” as they’re known to town councilors, to authorize more buses!

Let’s meet them all at the station with “it’s the spending, stupid” signs, and pictures of the 500 pound gorilla and the elephant.  We may even bring a few dozen of Frosty’s finest to nourish those who come to engage in one-on-one democracy.

Don’t you just love social media?  We sure do, because it makes it so easy to get EVERYBODY engaged and involved!

As the Professor says, “spread the word!”  Please go to the invite page and let him know you plan to ride along!  The more the merrier.  Or if you prefer, keep it a secret, so we can see the look on his face when unexpected throngs show up.

With enough support, who knows; this idea just might catch fire and take off.

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