Sunday, May 26, 2013

Is the Ostrich Thinking of a Comeback? On the Backs of the School Board?


Consider us officially shocked, shocked we tell you, that

The Times Record,which we anointed The Ostrich some years ago, has published an editorial sharply critical of the Brunswick School Board and School Superintendent.

When we saw the title, we thought it was going to announce the opening of a new gelato shop in town, but it’s not, as you can tell from this opening passage:

Brunswick school officials know a lot more than they’re saying about Art Abelmann.

School board chairman Jim Grant says he had “no knowledge” of what was discussed during Wednesday night’s executive session, when Brunswick’s top in-school administrator was given a graceful out just weeks before graduation.

School board member Connie Perreault, who helped usher in the Abelmann Era in Brunswick despite a hasty exit under cloudy circumstances from his most recent post in Colorado, wouldn’t return our calls.

Paul Perzanoski, he was out of town.

That’s accountability for you.

You can read the entire item here:

We’ll forgive them this time around for identifying one board member as “Connie” Perreault, when she actually goes by the more oh-so-Facebook appellation Corey Perry Perreault.  (Note to the opinion writer: standby to be labeled a pea in a pod, ‘a bully with no backbone,’ as she likes to designate those who annoy her.)

We’ll leave you with three questions:

1)  When will Brunswick Clueless United post the Abelmann fiasco item for all its membership to see?

2)  Will “Connie” rise to the bait, or will she simply shed a public tear of two of disgust over the disrespect and unfair scolding heaped upon her?

3)  Is this a sign that The Ostrich, or in our alternative designation The NOTWIUN, may be thinking of turning a corner?

We think the first question answers itself.  Cluelessness is as cluelessness does.

As to the second question, we suppose it comes down to what she thinks she might accomplish by taking on someone who buys ink by the barrel.  And whether a severe case of the vapors has any lingering effects.

The third question?  Given the pace of decline at Cape Brunswick’s once proud of itself newspaper of one side of the record, we’d say there isn’t much time to see and address the other side of Brunswick.

Which is why we’re here, we continue to remind ourselves.

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