Friday, May 10, 2013

Distracters of Cape Brunswick, Unite! Get on the Bravo Sierra Bus!


OK, so now you know what the gorilla looks like.  But he still is described this way:

It’s about the spending, Silly!”

An authoritative source called us (on background) to report that Professor Douhovnikoff is organizing a ‘field trip’ to Augusta, apparently to impress authorities in the Capitol with the fact that unconstrained spending growth means nothing; that only state revenue is at the core of school budget “problems.”

The Professor and Ms. Singer, the union organizer, made mention of such an idea Monday night, and now it’s coming to fruition.

We don’t know whether the school department will be brazen enough to provide a yellow school bus to carry them there, but we wouldn’t be surprised.

On the other hand, the bus below might be more appropriate, and they can probably rent or borrow it from other ‘community organizers’ in Maine, dude.

Or if they really want to make the case that austerity is killing the Brunswick school system, they could take a bus like this:

We’re confident that someone will take copious photos/video of their most excellent adventure.

We only have one question: will Johnny Protocols be driving the bus?  To those who want to ride, if he asks for a $5 donation to cover the fare, make sure you don’t sign anything.

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  1. Mr. Poppycock,

    This one is one of your top 10.

    I'll fly up in my private plane to testify for the other side.

    All the best,