Friday, July 17, 2009

ALERT -- Other Side Breaking News Alert!

Other Side Exclusive

Once again the Poppycocks' Friday tradition of lunching on Brunswick's finest deli food has paid off. Lunch at the Big Top was delicious as always, yet somber in mood, since the charming, handsome, and princely owner was not there. But all was not lost, since it provided the opportunity to break a major local news story.

Gazing out the front windows of the Big Top as we ate, I noticed something moving over the buildings on the other side of Maine Street. On closer examination, I could see that a white flag, embroidered with what looked like a wet noodle, was being hoisted up a pole atop the Brunswick Town Hall.

Ever the watchdog for readers, I immediately contacted a trusted source inside the building. The source told me that the Brunswick Hometown Property Tax Revenue Defense Agency has decided to elevate the terrorism threat level associated with tax collections. This has been necessitated by the devastatingly bad economy, and the unusually high number of delinquencies.

My source tells me that the threat of receiving a letter informing you that you are behind in your taxes has gone from virtually insignificant to slight, and therefore, they felt it appropriate to issue a warning to the public so that mailbox vigilance could be increased appropriately.

You'll be comforted to know that the BHPTRDA intends to take the flag down when delinquencies return to normal levels.

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  1. Foul-Tempered does not accurately describe the owner of The Big Top Deli. He is just a liberal Democrat and Pem can not stand that.