Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Yes, Minister:" laughing at politics, if you can believe it

Several days ago, in British Comedy Meets Open Government, I posted a humorous excerpt from a BBC Series called "Yes, Minister" that ran in the last century (the 80's).

Intrigued by the dialogue, I decided to see if the series was available locally. As fortune would have it, Bart & Gregs got the DVD set in just about a month ago. Last weekend we picked up the first two DVD's, each of which contains 6 half hour episodes.

I heartily recommend it. It's a highly amusing view of the inner workings of British Government. It mines the difference between government and politics, and the interplay between career civil servants and elected politicians.

It is typically droll and dry in it's humor, and always reality based enough to make you believe it's more true than made up. The two lead characters - the Minister, and his permanent Secretary Lord Humphrey, are brilliant in their rolls, and the interactions and dialogue are superb. The manipulative nature of Humphrey is a wonder to behold, and is truly frightening when you consider how close to the truth it is.

Give it a try; you'll get some good mature laughs, and your eyes will be opened at the same time.

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