Sunday, July 12, 2009

Frosty's Donuts: Coming Back to Life?

If Side has seemed out of sorts in recent days, there may be a very illogical explanation. Brunswick's own Frosty's Donuts has been closed for four weeks straight, sending the rhythms of loyal patrons' daily life, not to mention their metabolism, into complete disarray.

can't help but wonder whether the nearly intolerable climate pattern of recent weeks hasn't resulted from the not so subtle environmental changes when Frosty stops frying those delectable little dough concoctions.

Frosty's has been practicing the fine donut arts for some decades now, to worldwide acclaim. Side is a regular consumer of their art, and considers the establishment a cornerstone of Brunswick's "creative economy." Once you taste their creations, you're hooked. And you long for that creation to continue on a dependable basis.

So it is with uncontrolled glee that this report is issued: a sign appeared on Frosty's door two days ago saying that they would be open for business on Monday, July 13. I suppose it's a mistake to broadcast the fact, because they'll be out by the time I get there.

Hey.....Side is here to serve. And to suggest that you, like he, eat donuts while the sun shines, for all good things must come to an end, and there is only one Frosty's.

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