Sunday, July 26, 2009

Updates: Favorite Places

Bintliff's Ocean Grille Edgecomb - Closed!

has some sad news to report. The Poppycocks were planning on taking visiting family and good friends out to a first class breakfast this Sunday, and so Bintliff's in Edgecomb, just across the river from Wiscasset, was in our plans. Since we would be a group of 7, I decided yesterday to call and inquire about reservations. I found phone numbers on the web, the first of which had a recording saying they would not be open for Mother's Day. Strange to say the least.

The second number resulted in an out of service recording. Finally, a third number rang in the "Inn" part of the property, and the young lady confirmed that the restaurant is indeed closed. I could not make heads or tails out of her explanation, however. So until further notice, scratch this truly first class establishment off your list of places to try. Their web site still seems active, and I found no relevant news reports of the closing, which only makes things all the stranger.

Big Top Deli Update - Owner is a prince among men

In a kind and respectful personal message to this reporter, the owner of the Big Top Deli, at which I calculate Side has personally purchased something like 1000 sandwiches, took issue with the characterization of him as "foul-tempered," "a bit obnoxious," and a "dictator," all in the midst of raves for his offerings ("Brunswick's finest deli food," "delicious," etc.)

Any news reports of high officials saying that they didn't know all the facts, but that the deli owner is a friend of theirs and Side acted stupidly in this matter are probably not credible. And the same applies to any statements that this reporter is every deli owner's "worst nightmare."

So in keeping with the civil and tolerant tone of this blog, which eschews profanity and other caustic displays of immaturity, this reporter hereby retracts those characterizations and asserts that the owner is "a truly interesting fellow" who bows to nearly every customer he serves.

And Side further declares that they will not whip you up a tofu and raw bacon sandwich on recycled cardboard pita; reliable sources for the ingredients are too great a challenge.

Side does, however, wish to comment on other Big Top offerings. The soups in particular are of the highest quality, and home-made on site. Try the clam chowder if you are lucky enough to stop by when they have it; the use of herbs to elevate the taste above the ordinary is a victory. And if you like Reubens, they have a world class one, because the excellent quality of the Boar's Head products starts it off on solid ground.

Similarly, Side recommends the hot dogs, and enjoys them often. These are not your traditional Maine steamers; they are anything but. One dog here is probably the equivalent of nearly two steamers in portion size, but that is not the point. The dogs themselves are transcendent examples of the tubular protein art, and they are served on a nicely toasted roll that is to standard hot dog rolls as proscuitto is to spam. Try some inventive combinations of toppings like spicy mustard and coleslaw, or bacon and american cheese, and you'll discover a new world of deli.

For a rare and unique experience, try the Poppycock on toasted pumpernickel. This consists of salami and sharp provolone dressed with spicy mustard, lettuce and tomato, and some pepperoncini. Ummm....ummm.

Your reporter has lobbied for some time to have this creation added to the formal menu, but when ever such a suggestion is made, the princely owner has a distinctly "common" reply that most would translate as "when hell freezes over."

Which, judging by our weather of late, may happen this coming winter. I'll let you know when it makes it to the menu board.

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  1. Don't know about Bintliffs but the Breakfast Place in Wiscasset is the place to go for breakfast. Their home made corned beef hash is to die for. My wife and I would go there regularly when we were looking for a place to live.