Friday, July 31, 2009

A MoonBeem, a MoonBeem....

It's no secret that Side features a conservative take on things. That doesn't mean that we don't engage in banter and respectful discourse with those on the liberal side of the ideological divide. Why just today I lunched at The Big Top Deli yet again, chomping down on two of those Boars Head hot dogs I told you about. Even though the owner thinks I'm some sort of cretin in social and political matters.

I consider myself to be even tempered and more or less unsurprised by anything I read in the available print media. That said, there are some things that can get my goat. I almost always find the self-righteousness of Paul "Pass the Kool-Aid" Krugman thoroughly irritating, for example.

Even he, though, can't match the condescension, smugness, and sheer leftwing elitism regularly displayed by Edgar Allen (Moon)Beem, the "featured" (and paid) op-ed writer in the Forecaster.

Beem is almost always downright vicious and imbecilic in his commentaries, and this week's is a prime example of his slobbering (thanks, Bernie) obeisance for Obama and all things big government. He is a poster child for what a six-pack of Kool-Aid a day can do to your mind.

Come to think of it, I may take to referring to him and his kind as "Edgar six-pack" when I need a suitable pejorative.

This week Beem reminds us that he is educated, apparently, and, it would seem, not an addict. I take exception to that characterization, as Beem is clearly addicted to himself, and there is no known cure for such an affliction. And whatever education Beem has acquired has only served to prevent him from applying common sense and an understanding of what the American founding means, escpecially as it relates to equality and liberty.

I confess he brings out the worst loathing instincts I have. He disgusts me. He eptimomizes the self-satisfaction and cluelessness of the left's patricians.

But most of all, I ask myself just what is it that brings an otherwise pretty good newspaper to embrace such a collectivist as it's regular paid op-ed writer. Who does he know, or what does he know, to secure such a spot?

(Moon)Beem's latest is a demeaning attack on a local waitress who had a heartfelt letter published in a local daily, and the letter gained national notoriety. How dare an ordinary citizen publicly express views at odds with the Beemer. How dare such an offering achieve national notice. How dare "uneducated" and formerly addicted media personalities challenge the compassion of one who bows to the one and only savior of our future.

I'll stop here, because if I don't, my revulsion to this writer, and in particular this week's offering, will cause me to go beyond the bounds that I hope to enforce on this blog. I will close with this quote from his column:

Among the nine "principles" of Beck's self-centered creed are "I have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but there is no guarantee of equal results" and "I work hard for what I have and I will share it with whom I want."

In other words, Beck does not believe in equality, justice, or the common good.

No matter that the cited "creed" derives directly from the Declaration of Independence, and that the expression of such a principle defines the very essence of liberty and property rights that this country was founded to enshrine and protect. And that Beem has a completely perverted interpretation of what "equality, justice, or the common good" are.

The barbarians are inside the gate, and sleeping with the media watchdogs. Where's Joe McCarthy when we really need him?

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