Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Slaps for MECEP "founding principles" claim

Slaps in copious quantities are in order for the Maine Center for Economic Policy, or MECEP, arguably the leader in lobbying for nanny state policies here in Maine, which means they lead the way in ensuring we have an unsustainable economic future. It's headed by the well known Kit St. John, who is a widely seen agitpropist around the state, and has a sidelight pursuit here in Brunswick.

An MECEP analyst is one of the "featured columnists" for the Brunswick Times Record, where they have a twice a month slot on the op-ed page. You can judge for yourself what the following says about the quality and integrity of their bi-weekly featured columns. I've seen enough to know.

The excerpt below is from one of their email updates. As I noted elsewhere, I am a relative newcomer to the study of our nation's founding and the principles involved.

I may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night, so I'm confident enough in my knowledge to know that the statements made below, in which MECEP claims to "follow" our country's founding principles, and then proceeds to enumerate them, are as close to pure, unadulterated bravo sierra as you will find in today's political and non-profit climate. It infuriates me, and it should anger you as well. It is a perfect example of the distortions endemic to political discourse in this era, and especially in blue state Maine.

Other than the fact that the claim of devotion to our "founding principles" is patently false, and that said "principles" then enumerated are not remotely close to anything from the founding, the rest of their assertions are probably accurate. Which leaves you with the Flag visual and the dates.

I am left to wonder whether those staffing MECEP are truly this ignorant of our founding, or are simply engaging in revisionist history to justify their own very anti-founding agenda. I'm not sure which view would be more "charitable," but no matter. The fact is, this is utter politically driven propaganda of the worst sort, and shame should be heaped on them for such bastardization of the facts. And it reflects as badly on the electorate as it does on them, truth be told. (Note: I have slightly edited the format of the original for clarity.)

Spotlight: Our Founding Principles

US FlagMaine became a state in 1820, forty-four years after the Declaration of Independence. It was 174 years after that when the Maine Center for Economic Policy was founded. Nevertheless, we try to (sic) follow our countries founding principles.

  • Liberty and equality achieved through shared prosperity;
  • life that is enhanced by affordable health care for all;
  • fair taxes and budgets that represent the people's will and ability to pay;
  • the pursuit of happiness based on adequate food, shelter, educational opportunity, environmental stewardship and livable wage jobs.

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