Friday, July 17, 2009

Well I never!!!

I never expected, in my wildest imagination, that I would one day receive an issue of Imprimis from Hillsdale College featuring an address delivered there by a Bowdoin Professor. For those of you who know of Hillsdale, and/or Imprimis, they espouse a world view that is the polar opposite of Bowdoin's.

So you could have knocked me over with a Brunswick Times Record when the latest issue arrived, and the featured author is Professor Jean Yarbrough of Bowdoin. She is a Professor of Government and Social Sciences.

And therefore once again, the old saw "never say never; never, never, ever, say never" proves its worth.

A very interesting article it is, entitled "All Honor to Jefferson," and I commend it to you. And it must have been written by someone with a very thick skin, an incredibly disarming sense of humor, or both.

Hear, hear, Professor!

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