Friday, September 18, 2009

Brunswick "Truthers"

Side wrote last week on the appearance of a "truther commentary" in our local paper on the anniversary of "9/11."

We heard from friends who were disturbed about this editorial act, but waited in vain all week for some sort of reaction to appear in the letters section, to no avail.

Finally today a group of letters took issue with the practice, and in generally very strong terms.

In particular, Side appreciates the letter from Captain Will Fitzgerald, CO of BNAS, who probably feels more strongly offended than just about any other reader.

Thanks to those who wrote for restoring some confidence in the sanity of the local populace. And a sense of decorum and sensitivity.

Now, Mikey, you can have your friends come on over and hyperventilate like they did last week. We could use the income.

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