Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Morning Update

The Numbers

Thanks to Mikey the elder, I guess, because at close of business yesterday, the totals were about triple the normal traffic. I don't keep records too far back, but as best I can recall, this was the second highest total ever.

I guess I'll have to work harder if I'm going to break the record.

(My darling daughter tells me that the "Mikey likes it" commercial was for Life Cereal. Interesting, since we have our own little "life serial" unfolding here.)

Portland-the foodiest small town

You can find info from the magazine here.

Berry's Knutt Farm

You may have seen my letter on Rep. Seth Berry's knutty behavior in yesterday's paper. It ran right above a praise song to Berry and Thom Watson, thanking them for working so hard to deprive the state of revenue so that we could have more money in our pockets. (If Berry doesn't last in politics, he can always join the circus. P. T. Barnum would approve of his tactics.)

Now there are reports that Berry and his minions have kicked things up several notches to force the tax money give back down our throats, whether we want it or not. There are recent reports of signature collectors cars being keyed, air being let out of tires, and even windows smashed to steal signed petitions.

What determination! What dedication!

As details come in, I'll be sure to keep you posted. I'm acquainted with some of the people involved, and I'm confident in the integrity of their reporting.

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