Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Claps and Slaps....

Claps for the Town Council

After years of speaking before the town council at regular and special meetings, I have come to expect nothing more in response than a polite "thank you."  There were occasional memorable episodes in the past where I'd be called various names, but fortunately that has not happened in more recent years.

Now I learn that last night the council, spurred on by other events as well, took up the subject about which I spoke, and decided to take action.

So in the spirit of outreach, Side hereby rises to deliver a standing O to the council for last night's discussion, and we look forward to reporting on the outcome of future actions.

Slaps for this Reporter

Conversely, you can color Side embarrassed for having left the meeting shortly after finishing its "testimony," and before the discussion just referred to occurred.  The reason is plain enough; after dozens of occasions speaking to the council, and watching those being addressed riff through papers, yawn, look unhappy, or otherwise wish the yapping would come to an end, there seemed to be no good reason to stick around for a one in a million chance of follow-up.

Last night that was the wrong thing to do, and so we offer a sitting raspberry for our own behavior.

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