Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Color me clueless.....

I used the word "clueless" to attract "Mike" and his friends that consider my posts "disgusting." Any publicity is good publicity, right?

For the more charitable among you, if there are any, consider the title to read "Color me uninformed...."

A friend of Side recently provided me with a copy of an article that appeared in a short-lived and now defunct magazine called "Brill's Content." I actually subscribed to it for a brief period, and as I recall, it was intended to be a critical eye on the world of "media." This was before my level of engagement had reached the fever pitch that led to the creation of "The Other Side of Town."

The article was called "small-town minded," and describes the experiences of author Sandor M. Polster in his brief stint as Editor of the Times Record. It must have caused quite a stir in town when it appeared, and I am at a loss to understand how I could have been "out to lunch" during the entire fallout period. Perhaps certain interests gobbled up every available copy and did their best to snuff the story. We'll never know, unless those in the know forward the details to me.

That's water over the bridge, and in a way, reading the article now with the benefit of greater awareness of our beloved "community", and accumulated experiences with said newspaper, is all the more delicious. And confirms all the more that my view of editorial policies over the years was well founded.

Perhaps readers will remember the article, and in particular, if one of you has an electronic version of it, I'd love to get it. Failing that, I will pursue other means of digitizing the article and making it available to readers.

For now, suffice it to say that the article is none too flattering to the reputation of the Times Record, nor to various town "movers and shakers." Including some I know. The article falls into the "making sausage category" but clarifies things a good deal.

It will certainly effect the lens through which Side views things from here on out.

Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.

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