Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Who'd have guessed?

Another one of those teaching moments slapped me in the face this afternoon.

Regular readers of this blog know well that the editorial policy of our local newspaper, and the inclinations of its op-ed page editor, are well established and anything but hidden.

And we aren't talking right-leaning or centrist. Which leaves only one remaining option.

That makes today's editorial quizzical. In it, the editor quotes a statement from the Glenn Beck show. Later in his essay he inserts a quote from the Rush Limbaugh show.

I must say I'm impressed. I know the editor to be a busy and engaged man, with above average intellectual curiosity. But I'm the last one to have guessed that he is a regular listener to conservative talk radio, and makes a point of recording statements by the best known talk-masters on such shows.

Which leads us to believe that even the most unrepentant "progressives" are open to new political thought, especially that offered on the most right leaning of the talk shows.

Unless there's some other explanation for including such quotes in his editorials.

You don't suppose I've "misread" the evidence before us, do you? You don't mean to suggest we're being "misled" as to the originality of the editorial's content, do you?

C'mon. What do you take me for, a fool?

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