Monday, September 14, 2009

Random Thoughts on the "Health Care Reform" Debate

When the "Reform" would take effect

We hear over and over that our health care system is "in crisis," and that we must act now! And that our economy will not and cannot recover until we enact this reform.

How can it be, then, that any time you hear dates mentioned, the claim is that the "new" system would not go into effect until 2013?

Could it be, pray tell, so that we could sneak in another Presidential election and two more congressional elections before the rubber meets the road, before reality sets in?

Could it be that the current administration wants to get hired for another four years, and make sure that its congressional majorities survive until that happens?

Nah.....that couldn't possibly be. It's just me being cynical again.

What else would you expect from an organized, overdressed, anti-American Nazi? At least according to our high ranking "public servants."

Dropping Medicare Advantage

As I understand the debate, Medicare Advantage plans will be dropped, because they are "windfalls for the insurance companies." Anytime you see reason focused on a villain, you should be suspicious.

We've been on a Medicare Advantage plan since signing up for Medicare. It doesn't cost a penny more than we are already paying for Medicare, yet provides additional benefits, including prescription coverage (with the donut hole, of course.)

So from where I see things, the private Medicare Advantage plan provides a far better value than the plain vanilla government offering. Yet opponents see it as a big profit maker for the evil capitalists.

I don't understand how this could be a "windfall" for the insurance companies, unless Medicare is also a "windfall" for the government if you stick with the basic government option.

So there you have it; a private entity can provide better value than the government for the same price, and supposedly make big bucks doing it.

Is there any clearer explanation of why you want the government running less of the health care system, not more???

Buehler? Anyone?

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