Thursday, September 3, 2009

From the Dooryard: "For the children."

Herewith, a passing thought from my time just spent outside with Sweety-Bitch and Boo-Boo as they alternated between following their nose and chasing tennis balls, as their canine whims dictated. One of the joys of spending time with them is their blissful ignorance of the larger issues that confront and confound us. In spite of failing eyesight and skin irritations. Happiness is a warm puppy, and as you get older, it can become delightful fully grown dogs.

I've grown weary over the years with the repeated use of the all-purpose political cover that "it's for the children."

In view of our current circumstances, though, I have a different take on this bromide.

As we watch our public servants lead us into a spending and borrowing free-for-all that breaks all the records, and even worse, lacks any brakes, we need to remind ourselves that "it's for the children" has a perverse relevance in stark contrast to its more traditional use.

We are indeed signing up for heaps of long term debt, huge interest obligations, and in all likelihood, national bankruptcy "for the children" as our public servant benefactors chase Utopian fantasies, free lunches, and tooth fairies on our behalf.

The older you are, the less their behavior will traumatize your standard of living and future outlook, because the future is within view. The younger you are, the less awareness and grasp you have of the unsustainable burdens and obligations being taken out in your name. And by the time you mature enough to comprehend them, it will be too late.

So what. "Don't worry, be happy - it's for the children." Don't question, don't challenge. Your children are too important to interfere in progress, government style.

And I hope my lunch tomorrow is free; I deserve it.

Don't I?

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