Thursday, September 3, 2009

Local heroes

Side is hereby adding Richard Lord of Brunswick to it's list of those who exemplify the principles on which this blog was founded. Specifically, speaking out to challenge the accepted politically and culturally popular public "consensus."

Richard has been submitting letters regularly to the local paper, and this week has an item appearing in the Coastal Journal.

In every case, he challenges the positions taken by the purportedly government watching print media. And he does so with articulate and detailed responses.

I was tempted to say that Richard has "found his voice," but I suspect he has always had a fine voice. So I choose to say that he simply needed to clear his throat to allow his voice to return to its full clarity and force.

In his latest offering, he corrects the record on the CJ's party line propaganda on the number of "uninsured" in this country. And by inference, undermines the notion that we have a moral obligation to meddle with the coverage of the vast majority in order to address the coverage of a small minority.

The same issue contains a letter by a well known business owner in Bath on the same general subject, in which she demonstrates an utter lack of understanding on how our state government benefactors have driven up the cost of insurance in this state, to the point that folks like her now believe they deserve to have someone else pay for it. Shouldn't we expect better? Apparently not.

Kudos to you, Richard. And I know you have the thanks of the legions who loiter here.

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  1. Good post. Richard is the person who turned me on to reading your blog. Well done.

    Dave White