Monday, October 7, 2013

Amtrak MLF Caption Contest

We’re known for a certain whimsical streak, and deservedly so, we suppose.

You may recall that several days ago, in this post, we included a graphic of the scene from Apocalypse Now:


It’s been said that the only difference between the men and the boys is in the price of their toys, and we’ve opined that Train Riders Northeast, ardent supporters of all things Amtrak, including an MLF in the Bouchard Drive neighborhood, are behaving like little boys who never got the model trains they wanted, so now they’re going for toys with adult sized prices.

Like Amtrak trains, MLF’s, and established Brunswick neighborhoods to play around with.  With life-sized, moving residents.

Wayne Davis, chairman of TrainRiders Northeast, was one of the few speakers in favor of a proposed Amtrak Downeaster layover facility in Brunswick at a public hearing Thursday night.

So when we saw this picture of Wayne Davis, head of TRN, talking to NNEPRA officials at the so-called public hearing of September 26th, we immediately thought of having a caption contest.

Whimsically speaking, we call it a scene from “Amtrocolypse Now,” currently playing in Brunswick.

To get things started, here’s our entry:

“Jeez, I love the smell of diesel fumes in the morning.  Or in the afternoon, or in the evening, or in the middle of the night.”

Now it’s up to our readers to one up us.  Start your imaginations, and get those entries submitted.  We can’t wait to post them for others to inhale and enjoy.

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