Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Something to think about…part II.

On Friday, we posted this item.  Surely you’ve had enough time to think about it, and so has Shirley.

One of our readers commented that she was a bona fide member of the 99%, as are 99% of us, if you accept the tautological premise of the concept.

But it’s not a matter of income that creates the ideological divide; it’s the fact that the so-called ‘Occupiers’ believe that the 1% should pay for all the government provided goodies that the 99% take advantage of.  You know; social justice, economic justice, fairness, equity, etc.

Never-mind that about half of the population pays essentially for ALL the benefits and entitlements that the entire population enjoys via the federal income tax revenue base.  That’s only fair, right?

Well, now that you’ve had enough time to think about our question, we have this follow-up query for you.

Does the $247,000 grant to Brunswick Taxi amount to ‘corporate welfare,’ ‘crony capitalism,’ ‘targeted tax loopholes,’ and last but not least, ‘special treatment for favored interests?’  Does the similarly benevolent treatment of Gelato Fiasco, Cool As A Moose, Frosty’s Donuts, the BDA (and the recipients of their generosity), the MRRA, and the Brunswick Farmers Market equate to specially targeted ‘corporate welfare’ and/or special treatment for favored interests?

If not, why not?  But if so, what are the zealots who oppose such preferential treatment going to do about it?

Or is this as we’ve observed before?  You know; all elected officials are SOB’s, except for OUR local elected SOB, who is a devoted public servant. 

And all recipients of corporate welfare, paid for by unfairly penalized taxpayers, are an example of government corruption.  Except for those recipients who benefit from local economic development ‘investments.’  Which amounts to a ‘tempest in a teapot,’ according to our council chair.

Oh what fun it is to have your cake and eat it too.  Come to think of it, that’s a great business model to merit BDC funding. 

We’ll start working on a concept, and you can two.

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