Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Side Seeks Volunteers in Service to Brunswick…

You’ve probably heard of a program called VISTA, or ‘Volunteers in Service to America.’  We recall reading in the past that the program was begun during the Clinton presidency, in the last century.  We looked into it once, and were surprised to discover that the program wasn’t seeking ‘volunteers’ in the sense we usually take that term, but in fact pays those who join up, and offers other benefits as well.

As you can tell, we’re really flummoxed by the mystery surrounding the intransigence of NNEPRA and Brunswick town government over  the positioning of the MLF adjacent to the Bouchard Drive neighborhood.  Especially considering that other locations superior in every way are readily apparent and available.

Our instincts tell us that somebody (maybe several somebodies) knows something (or things) that we don’t.  And we see this as a perfect time for them to Volunteer In Service to Brunswick.

It used to be you could make a call on these things for a dime.  Now, if you can even find one, it must cost at least a quarter.  Or maybe you have to use a credit card.


But no one has changed the idiom to “drop a quarter.”  So we’re still looking for someone to ‘drop a dime.’


And we have lots of dimes in the office petty cash account.  So don’t hesitate to call; we’ll be happy to reimburse you.  If you’re worried about being found out, be assured you can trust us to protect your identity.  But you may have to protect yourself from others.

Maybe, just maybe, if we can get to the bottom of this, we can return to a situation where the standards of rational discourse and ‘public servant’ conduct are a bit more scrutable.

Wouldn’t that be a welcome change around here?


And it’s easily worth a dime or two.  Or ten or twenty.

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