Thursday, October 10, 2013

Introducing the Other Side ‘Back Side’ awards


As many of you know, or at least should know, this ‘media outlet’ was founded to provide a different view of what goes on in Brunswick; the proverbial “Other Side” of the story.

You’ve surely heard the old saw about how there are three ways to do things: the right way, the wrong way, and the Navy way.

We like to think that there are three sides to every story: the back side, the front side, and The Other Side.

The ‘front side’ of the story is the typical pap spewed out for public consumption with the least possible effort, for the lowest common denominator reader.   The ‘back side’ is far more provocative, and is a distant relative of what  you sometimes hear called the ‘back story on this item.’  

We speak from experience when we tell you that we’ve been exposed to the ‘back side’ of Brunswick more times than we can count.  Or said another way, that Brunswick displays its ‘back sides’ on an all too frequent basis.

So we’ve decided to institute a “Back Side” award that we can bestow on deserving individuals, events, and other civic miscellany here in the town we affectionately call Cape Brunswick, except when we’re calling it Lake Basebegone, or Perfect, or the richest little town in America.

And we’ve decided to make the award at five different levels.  This is akin to some national news outlet, we can’t remember which, assigning one through five Pinocchio’s as it evaluates the factual accuracy of news reports elsewhere.

But instead of Pinocchio’s, we’ll be using Donkeys.  Let us begin with our inaugural awards, of which we have two.  The envelopes, please.


The first award, at the four donkey level, goes to……(the tension mounts)……..Jim Grant, Chair of the Brunswick School Board, for this performance in a ‘leading role:’

Despite the board's last-minute maneuver to approve the trip, board Chairman Jim Grant said it was an easy decision for him to support.

"I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is to show how good we are competing against private schools and charter schools," Grant said. "I hope to show that we are an educational leader throughout the world. ... It's a price Brunswick should be willing to pay for this kind of cultural exchange and educational experience."

We almost awarded him four and a half donkeys, because it’s clear that he’s not putting his money where his mouth is; he’s putting OUR money where his mouth is.  But it’s not worth ruining a perfectly a good donkey on his behalf.


The next award, at the three donkey level, goes to….(rim shot, please)….rip….Suzan Wilson, Chair of the Brunswick Town Council, for this performance in a ’non-leading role:’

"PS: I don't think you need to be upset.  Bigger fish to fry.  Tempest in a teapot, in my humble opinion.  Regardless, it is/was not a Town "loan" ; or taxpayer money.   Private funds property of nonprofit econ development entity.  There are many of them in the state,  and indeed, the USA.”

We’ll close for now by doing as Hollywood says: “always leave them wanting more.”  So here’s a glimpse of the five, two, and one donkey award symbols:



The suspense of who these might be awarded to in the coming days is probably more than you can bare, but you’ll just have to.  And know that the four and three donkey level awards can be replicated as often as needed. 

Donkeys love to breed, you know, and if the past is any indication, we’ll be needing lots of them to recognize the deserving. And we’re all about giving credit where credit is due.

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