Friday, October 25, 2013

Something to think about….for the interested reader

Cape Brunswick is rife with those who pushed to overturn the Citizens United decision.  While we haven’t seen them in some weeks, we also have had local advocates who visibly side with the “Occupy Movement” and claim to be members of ‘the 99%.’

These souls, devoted to ‘social and economic justice,’ deplore corporate welfare, targeted tax loopholes, crony capitalism, and other forms of special treatment for those favored interests who have friends in the right places.  At least as they see it.

In respect of these inclinations, we ask you, our readers, where you stand on such matters, and where you think the Cape Brunswick population at large stands as well.

We hope you’ll mull this over and get back to us with your views.

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  1. Well, since you asked.......I think that John Richardson is central to all the issues you raise. I wondered why the man who would be Governor, former Commissioner of the Department of Economic Development, former Speaker of the House, why would this man want to be a Brunswick Town Councilor? How did he come to run unopposed for an at-large seat? He is a "big fish" in a "little pond" and he has lots of like minded people in the hierarchy AND the general population. Who else could have pushed through the Brunswick Taxi deal if he had not been elected councilor and almost immediately appointed de facto member of the BDC ? What other nefarious plans do he and his "partners in crime" have in store for the good citizens of Brunswick? I often wonder how things might be very different if four paid volunteers hadn't committed clean election fraud for John Richardson......

  2. According to CNBC, "The top 1 percent of American households had pretax income above $394,000 last year." I am not embarrassed to say that my family is solidly in the bottom 99 percent.