Thursday, October 10, 2013

Other Side gets a ‘big break…’


Yours truly has been invited to do ‘a segment’ on talk radio this coming Saturday.  On WGAN, AM 560 in Portland.


If you go here, you’ll see a ‘listen live’ tab in the upper right corner, should you like to listen and want to do it digitally.

Dennis Bailey, a well known PR consultant in Maine is subbing during the 10AM to 1PM slot on Saturday, and has asked Side to join him in the 11AM segment, so we should be on following the 11:00 news report.

Dennis has been retained by the Brunswick Northwest Neighborhood Association to advise them in their campaign to have the Amtrak MLF built somewhere other than adjacent to their houses.  We’ve gotten to know him through those efforts, and that’s how the connection was made.

“See you on the radio."

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