Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Oops! We almost forgot….

We posted our very own on-line “Candidate Forum” yesterday in this  item.

We hereby augment that post by announcing that we ask incumbent town councilors and school board members who are not running this time around to submit their answers for publication as well.

Specifically, that means we seek answers from:

Councilor Suzan Wilson

Councilor John Perreault

Councilor Gerald Favreau

Councilor Sarah Brayman

Councilor John Richardson, Jr.

Councilor Benet Pols

School Board Member Corrine Perreault

School Board Member James Grant

School Board Member William Thompson

School Board Member Michelle Joyce

School Board Member Christopher McCarthy

School Board Member Joy Prescott

We think it might be even more interesting to hear their answers, given their experience base.

We can’t wait to pass them along to you.

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