Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Where are Dick and Jane and all the rest?

We had ever so much hoped that Jane Millett would be ‘bigger than us,’ and check in with our readers when public office is on the line, and it ‘really counts.’  But so far, we would be wrong.


Jane is supposedly running for Town Council, yet she seems to be running away from Side’s candidate forum questions.  Which makes us wonder whether Jane can ‘do the math,’ when it really counts.


She’s not alone in leaving us chasing the butterflies who hold or seek public office.  Benet Pols, a town council incumbent who is not up for re-election, provided a strong initial response, but since then, has not followed up, as he suggested he would.

Rich Ellis, who gets the role of Dick for purposes of this post, a school board incumbent running for re-election, said he’d be submitting his input, but is apparently having problems finding his place in our story.

Dick Robinson holds a Dick and Jane book









So here we are, chasing Spot.

It’s frustrating when dogs are more attentive than those who happily wag their tails as they seek public office.

We’re happy to pat them on the head when they behave, but we’re sure as heck not going to pick up after them if they can’t ‘mind their manners.’

We think it behooves those who seek our approval to leave the path ahead clear.  We’ve got enough problems around here without worrying about where to take our next step.

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