Wednesday, October 16, 2013

PS on King’s English

      King at mic

Please excuse us for misplacing some links and references we had intended to use in completing our treatise on the local hero’s charges that those who disagree with him are ‘guilty of murder.’

You can read about that ‘conciliatory act’ of his at this link:

His comments, of course, relate to the subject of Obamacare, on which he more recently launched several volleys of rhetorical rockets aimed at his ‘good friends,’ as we discussed earlier.  All of which seemed to be focused on how an obsession with said ACA is the root of all political evil.

Which makes it all the more uplifting to discover that King, Angus and his staff, and those in his caucus, are doing everything in their power to see that they are personally exempt from Obamacare, and continue to receive their SPECIAL, CUSTOM, Cadillac coverage, reserved for our ‘public servants.’

Read about their ‘feeling our pain’ approach to the subject here.

And the next time you see the King around town, ask him why he and the rest of the top bananas don’t have to jump into the fruit salad with the little people…the great unwashed, as it were.

Our guess is that the first words out of his mouth will be something like ‘that’s not the real issue.’  OK; how about hypocrisy?  Is that the issue?

It’s good to be King, as the old saying goes.   Or in the updated version, it’s good to be a King in Cape Brunswick.

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