Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Stronger Reader Comment on Dan Ford’s “Strong Commentary”

Just 10 days ago, we published this post documenting Dan Ford’s very strong commentary in The Ostrich about the Brunswick Development Corporation’s quarter million dollar grant to Brunswick Taxi. 

Turns out Dan isn’t the only town resident who is ‘mad as hell.’  Shortly after we published the item, we received this message from a reader we had never met (which we have edited only for typos, etc):

Dear Curmudgeon: 

In spite of being your polar opposite politically - even as a bleeding heart liberal and Elizabeth Warren supporter, lol. I love this piece and so appreciate your coverage of this boondoggle! 

Thank you for publishing it and thanks to Daniel Ford for the cogent expression of outrage. 

I am beside myself over this insider gift . . .how can this be legal? 

Perhaps someone in the DA's office should investigate this and prosecute the BDC board for conflict of interest, if not outright corruption?  Who's in charge here?  Grrr.

I am also furious at the town council's lack of oversight and responsibility here, not to mention their laissez-faire attitude about the BDC.  When I first heard about this, I e-mailed (Council Chair) Suzan Wilson, who responded that I shouldn't worry since it wasn't taxpayer's money.  Here are her exact words:

"PS: I don't think you need to be upset.  Bigger fish to fry.  Tempest in a teapot, in my humble opinion.  Regardless, it is/was not a Town "loan" ; or taxpayer money.   Private funds property of nonprofit econ development entity.  There are many of them in the state,  and indeed, the USA.   Generally speaking,  most are oriented towards assisting business retention, growth, services, branding, and also community-benefit iniatives (ex: community sports/recreation facilities, farmers markets, MRRA in our local area, etc..)"

This is unreal. I am so glad you are holding their feet to the fire.  Keep it up!

I tried to post this on your blog without success - I am having some strange IP issues today.

We sincerely appreciate the reader’s inference that we’re impartial when it comes to expressing umbrage at what we see as violations of the public trust. 


You might even say we’re blushing a bit, because compliments for Side’s efforts are pretty rare.  Not that it matters at our age.  We’ve already got enough tests of our humility, if only when we look in the mirror in the morning.

We’re even more pleased that yet another resident has decided to engage in speaking out on matters of such importance to us all, especially as they reflect on underlying  principles and ethics of our local governance.

Thanks again, Dan, and thanks to the reader who wanted to make sure you know she appreciates your fine effort.

We hope both keep up the good work.

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