Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Classical Education: another dimension


Just a few days ago, we posted here on “Classical Education.”

In a strange turn of fate, we subsequently ran across another item that talks about education, and in a different sense of ‘classical.’

The original item, as we told you, addressed a formal concept we had not come across before, at least in such a concise and condensed form.

This new item, which you can find here, is exactly the opposite: it harkens back to our very own experiences in education.  As a student, that is.


The article seems very well argued, and since Michelle Small is fond of quoting the Wall Street Journal to make her points, we’re confident that those of all stripes interested in education will consider this a solid foundation for reforming our current day methods.

Here’s a passage:

We're in the midst of a national wave of self-recrimination over the U.S. education system. Every day there is hand-wringing over our students falling behind the rest of the world. Fifteen-year-olds in the U.S. trail students in 12 other nations in science and 17 in math, bested by their counterparts not just in Asia but in Finland, Estonia and the Netherlands, too.

We can’t wait to read about the enthusiastic replanning that should flow from our own Education Department once they reach the stage of enlightenment reflected in this article.

All in due time, we suppose.

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