Wednesday, October 16, 2013

King’s English is anything but ‘reaching out’

Just two weeks ago, in this post, we suggested that our ‘local hero’ was becoming an embarrassment to Cape Brunswick.

It’s been abundantly clear that King, Angus is only an ‘Independent’ when it suits the narrative, which as best we can tell, is anytime he wants to run for office.  Take a look at his smiling friends below, with whom he caucuses.

Our local hero has always vacillated on where to position himself.  He went through a Donald Trump phase, seeking his fortune:



Then there’s his professorial years, in which he sought to identify himself with ‘the academy:’



Which is ever so easy when you live a silly hat or two away from Bowdoin College….the only reason Cape Brunswick is not nothing.

Then he had a period of some unease:

Followed by successful pursuit of a role in the top banana band:


He was the most a-peeling candidate in the last election, and so is now firmly ensconced in the good life of the seat of our nation’s government:


An article following King, Angus’ election said this:

Maine Senator-elect Angus King, who ran as an independent and will be replacing a moderate Republican, will caucus with Senate Democrats for the 113th Congress.

The former independent Maine governor is replacing retiring Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe who was among an increasingly rare breed as a moderate in Congress. King’s decision comes as little surprise, although he continued to maintain that he is not a lock-in for Democrats and is willing to straddle party lines.

“By associating myself with one side, I am not in automatic opposition to the other,” King said during a Wednesday press conference.

Recently, it was reported that:

King, who is unaffiliated with any party but caucuses with Democrats, reportedly told  that opponents of President Obama’s controversial health care law are “guilty of murder.”

(See more at:

(To which, at the risk of upsetting numerous apple carts, we might ask what about those millions of really young people who die each year because they don’t have “Life coverage?”  What is King, Angus going to say about that?  He should be able to figure out what we mean, and if not, he always has his handy staff to look into it for him.)

Now let us tell you about the latest example of King’s English, wherein he clearly forsakes any pretense or semblance of independence, bi-partisanship, or any of the other affectations of the squishy, wobbly, ‘reaching across the aisle’ noise-makers.

Most folks who have a clue knew what King, Angus was all along, no matter how he self-identified, but there is no room for doubt now.

Herewith some excerpts from a column that ran in a local paper on Sunday.

King, an independent, usually confined his criticisms to “Congress” or “the system” as a whole and expressed hope that he could help bring sanity back to Washington.

King explained that the cause of the government shutdown was about 120 people in the Republican House caucus who are “holding the United States hostage.”

“There’s a pernicious inner logic to what these characters are doing,” said King. “They hate government. They don’t want government to work. They don’t believe government can or should work, and so to them, crashing the economy and crashing the government is a kind of weird success.”

In a speech on the Senate floor this week, King went further, declaring that “one faction of one party in one house of one branch” had engaged in “a frontal assault on the Constitution itself.”

“This is an attempt to rewrite a major piece of substantive law through holding the government hostage,” said King, referring to the Republican demand that President Obama gut the Affordable Care Act in order for them to restore a functioning government. “Police and Intelligence people and military officers tell you that you don’t negotiate with hostage takers. The reason you don’t is because you empower, you enable, and you ensure that it will happen again.”


Yup; that’s our sincere, conciliatory, independent, problem solving, aisle reaching across Senator King, Angus spewing the talking points he’s been handed by his caucus (see above.)  With appropriate high dudgeon and sanctimony. 

We can’t wait until he calls those who disagree with him terrorists, anarchists, suicide bombers, jihadists, and the other accepted terms of polite political discourse from the left.  And for the so called government watchdog media to call them out on it, like they call some governors out for far less.

Yah, shurr.  Straddle-on, King.

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