Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Local Hero Makes Bad: says those who disagree ‘are guilty of murder.’

Well, it hasn’t taken Senator King, Angus to show the true color of his velvet robes of office.  And the crown apparently doesn’t rest too heavily upon his head.  Nor hold his tongue in check.

Brunswick’s ‘favorite son’ former Governor and Bowdoin visiting faculty is fond of cloaking himself in the Lilly-white, ‘no-labels’ garb of the genuine, truly independent, non-partisan, social justice public servant.

You know: ‘can’t we all just get along?’; ‘building bridges across the partisan divide’; and ‘getting something done for the people of Maine.’  And all the other hornswoggle favored by such devoted, self-sacrificing common men.  The kind that could live just around the corner from you.  Literally, for many in Cape Brunswick.

Whatever ‘something’ is.  Every time we hear that phrase, and we heard it from Happy Harry just the other day, we wretch.  Getting something done, as in anything, is exactly what we don’t want.  “Do something, do anything” is all too frequent a battle cry among the ruling class.  We have very few things we want done, other than attending to the basic management of the government enterprise, seeing that we are protected, and otherwise leaving us alone.

A. King’s independence lasted about the length of one held breath; he immediately became a member of Happy Harry’s Senate Club.  This Harry, in case you haven’t figured it out:

Now it turns out that Mr. ‘just get along and be civil and respectful of all positions’ seems to have lost control of his tongue.  And you know how the people and the Maine media just despise politicians who engage in “sensational, bombastic, and outrageous comments” as mentioned in this report. 

Funny how you wouldn’t know that from the media outlets here on the home front.  Even though saying “hell” is more than enough, it seems, to ignite at least a week or two of print and TV coverage of other well-known government officials in this state.

Keep this in mind the next time you think, or hear someone else say that the notion of media political bias is a ‘made up tin hat theory’ from the Republicans, or others on the right side of the political spectrum.

And please send us a tip when you read about or hear about King’s charges of murder making it into local ‘mainstream media’ coverage.  Which certainly doesn’t include the link we provided.

If we were a more determined journalist, we might send the I Senator a question or two about his thoughts on murder in another domain, whether he supports that, and if he plans to accuse the perpetrators.  Some of you might even be able to guess what we’re talking about.

But we’ve already got a corral full of oxen to gore, and we need to keep our edges sharp and finely honed.  No use blunting them on hardened ideological concrete.

If you should be in Washington in the future, be careful not to trip over A. King’s outstretched arm as he reaches across the aisle.

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